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Buffy fucked me up and here’s why

When you watch all of Buffy and then revaluate it, you realize just how fucking depressing it is. Pretty much:
-relationships won’t work out…they won’t. (Think: ALL THE GREAT RELATIONSHIPS)
-growing up sucks (Think: Season 6)
-being the hero will drain all of your energy (Think: Becoming, Season 6, etc…)
-sometimes you can’t help the ones you love. and sometimes when you do…it just hurts them (Think: Willow bringing Buffy back)
-having sex will result in bad stuff…like death…(Think: Innocence, seeing red, other shit)
-A parent can’t protect their child from the world (Think: Giles and Buffy)
-The hardest thing to do in the world is living in it (*cries*)

Pretty much Buffy is a depressing show masquerading as a fun one

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What if in the future, people use twitter in math problems like:
“Okello wants to post a really funny thing on twitter but it has 789 characters.
a. How many characters would he have to get rid of to make one post?
b. How many posts would he have to make to fit all of his characters into multiple posts?
Show your work and be prepared to explain you’re answer to the class.”

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In Slaughterhous Five an anti-war book by Kurt Vonnegut, the words “So it goes” are written after every death or mention of death in the book, including seemingly insignificant fly deaths and the deaths of 30,000 soldiers in the Dresden bombing. The words are repeated over 100 times, highlighting the inevitability of death

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                                                            I’m like him, only not

Man this is confusing if you have seen Buffy and Firefly but not dollhouse